Frequently Asked Questions

Precious metals are historically very reliable stores of wealth that have helped individuals protect their purchasing power for several centuries. While currencies issued by governments can become worthless, precious metals never do.
Anthem Vault is an online precious metal retailer that provides U.S. residents with an efficient and liquid way to buy, own and sell physical, 100% fine stored and insured gold and silver bullion. The company is incorporated as a Nevada corporation under the name “Anthem Vault, Inc.” and is regulated as a precious metal dealer by the USA Patriot Act.
For more information on Anthem Vault and its history, please read our About Us page.
No. The difference is that deposits held in a bank checking or savings account are used by the bank to create new loans.

Anthem Vault is a precious metal dealer and nonbank custodian of client metal and does not have the legal right to loan out or use client metal as the company's collateral with its own creditors and neither does the independent, third-party nonbank vaulting facility it uses to store the metal bars.

If for any reason we stopped doing business, for whatever reason, 100% of your assets ? in the form of physical bars, bank check or both, if you choose ? can be quickly and easily distributed back to you.